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Dated: 03/09/2018

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For The Past 100 Years This House Has Belonged To One Family, And Soon A New Family Will Call It Home. 

Lampeter Strasburg is rich with tradition and if this house could talk one would hear a tale far more compelling than any story book.  In fact, this property houses a secret panel filled with hand written deeds. 

1st Town telegraph office - Original Lampeter Strasburg Ice Cream Shop and now soon to be For Sale

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43 East Main Street Lampeter Strasburg~Coming Soon!

   This home was constructed to be a log cabin in 1843. In the beginning the home consisted of just two rooms, built solely with local logs. As time passed, this home progressed to be much, much more. This property is uniquely located in the little town that put itself on the map by joining the communication  revolution and opening up a telegraph location. 43 East Main Street was that location and just like that this house became and still remains a part of history today.

                            Image titleMatterport Virtual Tour of home is amazing-   Click Here For Tour

Key Features Of This Property-

#1. Location- People around the country dream about places like Lampeter-Strasburg and what it would take to call it home.  The small town vibe and tight knit community of L-S could be the fit you and your family have been waiting so long to find. Welcome home!

#2. School District- Lampeter-Strasburg school district sets the gold star standard. The backbone of Lampeter-Strasburg is the highly appraised education the students are receiving and using to better their communities  People often refer to the school district as, "The best of the best", "The only place for my kids", "Teachers must be handpicked", etc. 

#3. Exquisite Architecture-

   A one of a kind custom metal roof constructed to look like shingles from historical times 

   Newly replaced and upgraded gutters & down spouting

  "Original historical"  windows 

   4 Bedrooms & 3 Baths

 Granite and tile kitchen 

   HVAC- New oil burner and AC unit

Full core doors with the original hardware

  3+ car garage, plus a private paved drive

  2 full baths, 1 on the main floor and one on the 2nd floor

Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus

      Ask Dan or John of The Dan Parson Team about the secret March madness price drop on this property! It will not be mentioned to anyone unless they read it here and bring it up to Dan or John!  ( Could be huge)

                                                  Dan Parson Team



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  Dan Parson is high energy. He is considered one of the best at selling expired listings. (homes that fail to sell under other agents) Dan's outside of the box thinking compounded with his belief "investing money in each listing is the Realtors job" has taken Dan and his team (just 1.5 years old) to the number 4 spot in Lancaster County!  Dan believes that selling homes is an art not a science and anyone that tries the "same old ways" is going to get the same old outcome!  


   717-808-1764  Dan's cell number-available 24/7

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