Perfect Flip Or Keep Home In Columbia 33k

Dated: 03/09/2018

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The heavy lifting is all done!

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219 South 5th Street, Columbia PA.

        I purchased this property around November 2017. Approx. $19,500.  I purchased it privately but it was on the abatement list because of structure issues. ( The seal on the basement rotted and in turn wood rotted causing the structure to sink. I obtained all the permits and per code fixed the issue. To put it simply, we jacked the house up and replaced floor joices, seals etc and secured the baement)

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No issues.

--------------------In addition, we gutted the entire building and removed all trash.

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In addition, we rewired the entire house from 1st floor bedroom to the fourth bedroom on the third floor. (Yes it is a 4 bedroom)


We also re insulated the 2nd floor and parts of the 1st floor.


Highlights:  New gas furnace, all rewiring complete, 4 bedroom with 1st floor bedroom, all gutted and ready to be completed, low taxes---


  ***  Bonus****

       Recent comps put the completed home price in the mid to high $70,000 range!   

        Estimated project completion is $25,000 or under.

-----------------------$25,000 plus $33,000= $58,000---------------------------

         Great return or low price for a 4 bedroom renting $1000 month.

                      Dan Parson 717-808-1764

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